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Waring Pro Popcorn Maker Review: Perfect Popcorn Every Time

In the search to find the best popcorn maker, we found that there are three main types of popcorn; gourmet, old-fashioned, and healthy popcorn. Each type uses different ingredients and has its own unique tastes and textures, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before purchasing your popcorn maker. Waring Pro Popcorn Maker| Waring Pro has developed a line of popcorn makers that will help you make any type of popcorn you desire, no matter your budget or skill level!

The Waring Popcorn Maker is Still Hot

The Waring Pro popcorn maker is still hot. What does that mean? It means that it’s a great tool for making great popcorn. This food preparation device has been around for years, and it remains popular with fans. Is there a reason why? The answer is yes! For one thing, it’s easy to use and features an old-fashioned design that helps to create excellent movie-theater-style snacks. Best of all, it can help you achieve perfect popcorn every time—or at least as close to perfect as possible for real-world conditions. Here’s our review of what makes it tick (and pop!)

Frequently Asked Questions| Waring Pro Popcorn Maker Review

What is a Waring pro popcorn maker? Why should I buy one? How do they work? How do I use a Waring pro popcorn maker? Are they hard to clean? Do they come with recipes and how long do I cook them for? Do they taste good and are healthier than microwave popcorn and why should you consider buying one of these units for your home today. 


Here is what you will learn about a waring pro professional popcorn popper by reading my review. You will also get some great tips on what kind of oils, seasonings, flavors, and toppings you can use when making your own homemade popcorn with a Warring pro popper! 


The more that you know about any product before you buy it makes it easier to decide if it’s right for you or not. The same thing goes for something like a Waring pro popcorn as well. So let’s dive in! There are so many different varieties available on Amazon but which one should I choose?

The Flavor Is in the Lid

If you’re thinking about purchasing a Warring popcorn popper for your home use, there are a few things to consider before making that purchase. Most people who have purchased and used their Warring popcorn popper have raved about how easy it is to use and how tasty their popcorn is compared to microwave-popcorn. But just how easy is it to pop corn in a Warring popcorn maker? Here’s a step-by-step look at how you can pop corn in your Warring popper!

For Those Who Like To Mix It Up

The Waring Pro Popcorn Popper is a professional-grade machine that makes popcorn for those who want to try something other than microwave popcorn. It uses forced air technology to heat your kernels, which means you can make great popcorn with minimal effort. 

The machine comes with two interchangeable kettles, so you can use it for either regular or specialty popcorn. If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy fresh, gourmet-quality popcorn at home, then look no further!

Waring Pro WPM25 Professional Popcorn Maker

With its stainless steel outer casing, sturdy base and simple lever-action design, Waring’s Professional Popcorn Maker looks like a machine you might see at a movie theater or county fair. It makes enough popcorn for 6 quarts of perfectly popped corn in just 5 minutes. 

The popping chamber has both vents to let steam escape and holes to allow kernels to fall through into the bowl below. You can even add your own oil with an included measuring cup if you want more buttery flavor. All in all, it’s a reliable machine that produces quality popcorn consistently (i.e., no burnt pieces!)—and fast!

Fill The Machine With Oil. You can use any type of oil in a Warring pro popcorn maker, but to get the perfect flavor you will want to use coconut oil or olive oil. Pour 1/2 cup of oil into your machine and seal it up with its lid. 

Make sure you are using a high-heat cooking type of oil so that your popcorn doesn’t burn while it is popping. The good news is, these machines heat up very quickly, so you shouldn’t need to wait long before adding corn kernels or heating up your oil.



One of my biggest pet peeves in terms of popcorn makers is a lack of versatility. If I’m going to be using a machine on a regular basis, it had better be able to do more than just make popcorn. Fortunately, that’s not an issue with Waring’s Pro-Style Convection Microwave Popcorn Popper. Not only does it make great popcorn, but you can use it to roast nuts and bake potatoes too!

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